We are looking for diverse talent, brilliance, know-how and insight. The projects that we take on inspire and motivate us. Our work environment is creative and casual making it easier for everyone to express their ideas and brainstorm solutions.

    While some companies simply provide skilled manpower, Om Sakthi Indsutry harnesses technology to build solutions with our client-partners. We are forging ahead in the global market. Would you like to be part of a company that is going to make history soon? If yes, please mail us your career summary at mailto:

    • We are delighted that you are exploring the possibility of a career with us
    • An open work culture
    • Unrestricted opportunities for professional growth
    • A spirit of fun and enterprise


     If you believe in learning every new day in the challenge and joy of working to create a growth path for yourself and provide you the stimulating environment that encourages pursuit of excellence.


    Your career at us comes with the promise of long-term career growth. We meets this promise through a strong focus on the professional growth of employees through diverse learning and development initiatives. At our training program’s are oriented towards enhancing the professional, technical and management capabilities of our employee base.


      At om sakthi industry every individual is hired with a clearly defined job profile and career path in place. This ensures that your growth path through the company is determined by your zest for growth. On the basis of an individual skill sets we encourages both vertical and lateral growth. Our career opportunities are among the best in the industry in terms of growth, compensation and rewards.